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    Burgdorf, #2711, in Hannover region (British, Lower Saxony); Balts, Poles, Yugoslavs, Ukrainians; and those classified as Others.

    Visit Shevchenko Scientific Society Library for Ukrainian records.

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Tel. 05136 - 898-322
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The National Archives/Public Record Office,Kew/London, Great Britain
Archives Nationale, Paris, France
International Tracing Service of the Red Cross, Bad Arolsen, Germany

If you were born while your parents were in Camp Ohio, you most likely were born at the hospital in Celle, and your birth registered in Celle, Germany

We are compiling a history of Camp Ohio in Burgdorf and would like to put a face and story to every name. We'd love to interview former camp residents, former forced labourers in Burgdorf during WW II, or residents of Burgdorf who lived outside the camp during 1945-1950. If you have photos and documents you are willing to share, please email me at dariadv@yahoo.ca

I would like to hear from anyone who worked at the British Timber Company (North German Timber Control) in Camp Ohio. 

Camp Churches: From the recollections of residents, there was a Ukrainian Catholic church in Camp Ohio, plus a Baptist church. For the Ukrainian Orthodox community, a priest visited regularly from another location. Anyone with information on church activities, names of priests, or has photos, please email dariadv@yahoo.ca

Two Ukrainian Catholic priests were identified as being in Camp Ohio:

• Rev. Petro Romanyshyn
• Rev. Theodor Pryshliak

Camp Translators:  The following people acted as translators in Camp Ohio.  If anyone has any information or photos for any of these people, I'd love to hear from you.

• Klaudia Zyla
• Johann Fylypiw
• Paran Kowalczuk
• Nikolaus Krawczenko
• Anna Fedoryszyn
• Anton Medwid
• Ellie Kunsze

Forced labourers who were buried on June 10, 1944 in Burgdorf:  Graves of the following 3 women were found in the Burgdorf cemetery, and have been identified as forced labourers who died after being hit by a train at a railway crossing.  Please contact me if anyone has information or photos on any of these women:

• Irene Tbierska [Zbierska, Sbierski]
• Genovefa Madney [Madoj]
• Anna Huatczeck

Camp Ohio Residents who died while at the camp:  The following people died while in the camp, and I'd like to find out more about them.  Please contact me if you have any information or photos, or know of anyone else who died while living in the camp.  

• Nikolai Leonidow, died May 4, 1945
• Michailo Felemonow (Telenssonow), buried April 24, 1947
• Piotr Rizuyczick, buried August 12, 1949
• Ksenja Schreider (Sreider), widow, neé Urtjevo, buried August 4, 1948
• Boris Mauer, buried October 21, 1947
• Anna Suschko, neé Schuknejack, buried July 23, 1947

Children from the camp who died and were also buried in Burgdorf:

• Nadja Chorenko, buried June 15, 1948
• Alla Martuscheck, May 22, 1947
• Johanna Lenerijuk, buried May 10, 1947
• Wlodimir Lawrenki,  Peter Murschafsky, buried December 29, 1946
• Nina Teske,buried December 6, 1946 Lusa Krpschinski,  buried November 29, 1946 >
• [K]asimirca Kieke, buried July 28, 1945
• Stillborn child Kropenka, June 28, 1946
• Larisa Bosenko, born October 26, 1945 in Heidenau, died April 10, 1946 in Burgdorf

Some history about the camp: Camp Ohio in Burgdorf was originally built in 1943 as a camp for the Fire Police [Feuerschutzpolizei-Abteilung 2 "Hannover" (FSchP-Abtl 2)] with barracks and hangars. In June 1944 a resistance movement by Ukrainian members of the fire brigade in Burgdorf and forced labourers in a camp near Burgdorf resulted in 300 people arrested by the Nazis. Forty of these people were sent to the concentration camp Neuengamme. Two people later lived in Camp Ohio. So far we have not identified any of the participants. Does anyone have more information?

After WW II, between 1945-1950, it became the Displaced Persons Camp Ohio, where former forced laborers, war refugees and other people lived. In September 1945, over 200 residents of the camp formally stated that they refused to be repatriated when they were registered for the camp, and wrote letters to the Camp Commander, asking to be considered as “stateless” and eligible for immigration.

In 1946, Soviet officers visited the camp to look for people to repatriate, and a Russian Major was attacked by some of the residents and injured. Does anyone have more information on this incident?

A few British officers apparently told residents that one of the temporary staff at Camp Ohio was a niece of US President Roosevelt, and that she was helpful in getting needed supplies for the camp residents. Truth or fiction? Does anyone have more information?

Many of the residents subsequently immigrated to England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Luxemburg, and the USA. As Camp Ohio's population grew, a second camp was built opposite it. The original camp was Camp Ohio I and the second was Camp Ohio II.

Thank you.
Sincerely, Daria dariadv@yahoo.ca

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If you recognize anyone in the photos, please contact dariadv@yahoo.ca

Working at Camp Ohio

clothing warehouse
Camp Ohio clothing warehouse
(Photo: W Makota collection)
Burgdorf timber employee
These men are believed to be workers for the British Timber Company.
(Photo: W. Makota collection)
  Volunteer at Camp Ohio Canteen
Volunteer at Camp Ohio Canteen (Photo: W Makota Collection)
Tailors at Camp Ohio
Shoemakers at Camp Ohio
(Photo: W Makota collection)
  Unknown Tailor in Camp Ohio
Unknown tailer in Camp Ohio's Workshop (Photo: W Makota collection)
Camp Ohio Butchers
Camp Ohio Butchers (Photo: W Makota Collection)
  Camp Ohio Painter
Camp Ohio Painter (Photo: W Makota Collection)

Embroidery Class
Embroidery Class (Photo: W Makota Collection)


Bakery Class
Bakery Class
(Photo: W Makota Collection)

Church Services

Ukrainian mass

These two photos were taken around 1946-47 during Ukrainian mass in Burgdorf camp.
(Photo: W. Makota collection)

Burgdorf mass 2
(Photo: W. Makota collection)

1947 Funeral of resident

1947 funeral of Camp Ohio resident (Photo: A. Popov collection)

Camp Life
immigrants leaving to Brazil
Group leaves Camp Ohio in June 1947 for immigration to Brazil.
(Photo: W Makota collection)

grade one
May 1946. Grade One class at the Camp Ohio school. (Photo: W Makota collection)

Agriculturall Class
May to Oct 1947 agricultural class (Photo: W Makota collection)

Camp Ohio Group
Camp Ohio group photo (Photo: A. Popov collection)

Sports Group Zaporozhets
January 21, 1948. Camp Ohio soccer team Zaporozhets (Photo: R. Berezowsky collection)

Makota in Group shotGroup portrait, Wasyl Makota identified, Camp Ohio, 1946-47 (Photo: W. Makota collection)


Ohio Residents
Residents of Camp Ohio ca 1949
(Photo: N. Lukjanenko collection)

Burgdorf Gibaylo & Makota   Wasyl Makota & Unknown Man
Taken in front of the barracks in Burgdorf, Wasyl Makota (right),  Roman Gibaylo (center). The other man is from Bolekhiv, Ukraine.
(Photo: W. Makota collection)
  Wasyl Makota on back of motorcyle with unknown man. 1940s. (Photo: W. Makota collection)

Cultural Activities
women's choir
1947 Camp Ohio Women's Choir
(Photo: W Makota collection)
  Men's choir
Camp Ohio Men's Church Choir
(Photo: W Makota collection)

Play Poschylys
January 1946. Participants of the play Poschylys ' u durni (They Made Fools of Themselves)
(Photo: W Makota collection)

Phillip Shovk Cossak Ballet Playbill

Musical Wanderers and Kosaken Ballet group that entertained at various camps. (Photos: P. Shovk collection)


Camp Ohio theatre production April 1947
(Photo: N. Lukjanenko collection)

Christening Group  

Baptism of Eugene Rurka. 1947, Camp Ohio in Burgdorf. Baptism of Eugene Rurka. Front row seated - left, Paranka Rurka, godmother Natalia Kowal, godfather Wasil Drohomoretski. (Photo: E. Rurka collection)

Baptism of Eugene Rurka. 1947 Camp Ohio in Burgdorf. Paraskewia (Paranka) Rurka and son Eugene. (Photo: E. Rurka collection)   Paraskewia & Eugene
Rura & Group  

Baptism of Halina Hupolo. 1948, Camp Ohio in Burgdorf. Paranka Rurka holding baby Eugene Rurka (in center back row). To the right of Paranka is Natalia Kowal . Couple seated is Katherine Hupolo and John Ursulak and baby Halina. (Photo: E. Rurka collection)

Search for.....

You are welcome to send in your photos to www.dpcamps.org

ly LilienthalInterested to hear from anyone with information on Ly Lilienthal of Estonia, who worked for the British Timber Company in Camp Ohio in Burgdorf, and later was in the camp in Fallingsbostel with her mother Ledi in anticipation of immigration to Canada. Prior to Camp Ohio, she was in Camp Churchill. Ly later married R.Ward Stewart. Daria dariadv@yahoo.ca

Searching for Victoria Gibajlo, born May 18, 1947 in Celle, Germany, daughter of Roman Gibajlo and Raissa Monastyrska. Immigrated to Australia in 1947 with her parents.

Child of Roman Gibajlo March 2 1948, child of Roman Gibajlo in Burgdorf. Daria dariadv@yahoo.ca

Vladim & Zina Does anyone recognize Vladim and Zina Hajduk, former Camp Ohio residents who immigrated to Australia? Photo taken Nov. 20 1948 in Australia

Also, looking for photos and info on: Wasyl Drohomoretski (Drohomirecki), Stanislaus Wozniak, and Josefa Piwowarczyk nee Wegrzyniak. Please contact Daria dariadv@yahoo.ca

Contact Daria at dariadv@yahoo.ca if you have photos and/or info on:

• Stanislaus Wozniak
• Josefa Piwowarczyk nee Wegrzyniak
• Natala Hoc, born November 2, 1946 in Celle, daughter of Semen Hoc and Cecylia Makowiecka
• Skorik family

European Archives: http://councilforeuropeanstudies.org/resources/libraries-archives?gclid=COawguPSm8ICFVCCMgodPToARw

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